An Exceptional Therapy Experience Tailored to You

At EDGE, we welcome those frustrated individuals looking for help. Our unique PRI approach, which integrates body alignment with all body systems, is often the difference. If you’ve tried physical therapy before, realize all PT is not the same.

Postural Restoration

EDGE therapists have extensive training in PRI Evaluation and Treatment techniques. This treatment technique is a holistic, posture-based approach that considers the influence of the muscles, bones, breathing and alignment on health and wellness.

Post-Surgical Care

EDGE physical therapists have expertise in the treatment and therapy of patients post-surgery. We will work closely with your surgeon to provide you with the most aggressive post-surgical, one-on-one care in the area.

Foot and Ankle

We’ll help you learn about the best exercise techniques to get your ankle and foot back to normal. Our therapists can also determine the need for additional foot support, and then cast and fit for custom orthotics, as necessary.

Back and Neck

Back and neck injuries can run the entire gamut from the relatively uncomplicated to a complicated break. Your condition will be evaluated and an individual program will be prescribed specific to your needs.


Injury to your elbow may produce pain, swelling, decreased range of motion and strength. Our physical therapists can provide you with expertise to address these issues, allowing for a return to normal function.

Hand and Wrist

If you suffer from chronic wrist or hand pain, our Physical Therapists will improve the range of motion in your hands and wrists, reduce nerve and joint pain, and reduce pain from an injury. Conditions treated include tendinitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, and many Post Operative procedures.

Hip and Pelvis

Hip pain is a common issue that can be caused by a wide variety of problems. Our therapists have the extensive expertise required to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate exercises to get you back to normal.


If you suffer from any sort of knee pain, you may want to consider physical therapy. Our therapists have extensive expertise in identifying knee injuries or problems and will offer a wide range of therapies and exercises to help strengthen and restore function to the knee.


Your shoulder needs to be properly strengthened to return to normal movements. Our therapists can help speed up the recovery process by offering therapy programs built to improve the strength and mobility of your shoulder.

Get the Results You Deserve

Our friendly and experienced staff is dedicated to your success. If you’re looking to get an EDGE in your recovery, schedule an appointment today.