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As a patient of EDGE Physical Therapy, you will experience an extraordinary balance of compassion, quality, and cutting-edge physical therapy.

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We're Home to Omaha and Papillion's Most Experienced Physical Therapists

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At EDGE Physical Therapy you will experience the best the area has to offer. We are devoted to not only treating, but solving musculoskeletal pain and injury.

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EDGE physical therapists are among the most experienced in the area. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience.

What is PRI?

Postural Restoration (PRI) is a holistic, posture-based approach to physical therapy. EDGE is the only PRI Certified clinic in Sarpy County.

Our Approach to Postural Restoration

Our therapists have extensive training in PRI Evaluation and Treatment techniques as instructed by the Postural Restoration Institute. This treatment technique is a holistic, posture-based approach that considers the influence of the muscles, bones, breathing and alignment on your overall health and wellness.

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

Christi F.

Edge Physical Therapy goes above and beyond. Their unique training and approach is more effective than other physical therapy methods. I traveled a long distance specifically to be seen by Mike - he is awesome and knows how to get you feeling better!

Eve CrawfordJim H.

Had issues with hip and groin when running and adding miles. 1st visit got great advice to correct the problem! Back to running now!

Shirley C.

Mike and team at Edge Physical Therapy are great! Experts in rehab.

Elaine W.

Eric Pinkall is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. His methods really stopped pain that no one else could counter. He is also pleasant, professional, and fun to work with. I drive from North Omaha to Papillion just to get his help whenever I need it.

Stephanie H.

Amazing team! I’d have literally been in a world of hurt if it weren’t for Mike! Easily adapted exercises to find something that worked if my body was more cranky than normal.

Bill B.

I have been a return patient of Edge PT for rehabilitation following two knee replacements and also for lower back issues. I have worked with all 4 therapists, Mike and Beth (the owners) as well as Lori and Eric. The treatment/care I received from each therapist has always been outstanding.

Bill B.

I chose to drive the the extra distance to Edge PT in Papillion over using closer PT facilities. I highly encourage anyone needing PT to schedule an appointment at Edge PT. Definitely rated 5 stars!

Heather H.

Mike is so knowledgeable about how the musculoskeletal system works! He is good at communicating in a way that is easy for the patient to understand. He is also very patient during the appointment; he wants to make sure you are given the exercises that will help you!

Brooke L.

Mike and the team at Edge are amazing. I had sciatic pain after each pregnancy and until I found Edge, there was no full relief of my symptoms. Mike and the team at Edge use Postural Restoration therapy in their PT practice, and it turned out to be life changing. No more sciatic pain and no more pain medications.

Beth H.

Beth and the other physical therapists are all friendly and knowledgeable. I liked how they would print off my exercises so I wouldn't forget what to do. I have already recommended others to them.


Everyone at Edge is so caring, polite, and respectful. The facility is very clean. They are punctual with appointments. They can squeeze you in for an appointment if you have a setback. The Postural PT is preventative as well as for injury treatment and post-surgical rehabilitation. Schedule your appointment today!

Stacey D.

Edge is more than just testing symptoms. It is preventative therapy and spinal balance to help fight future injury and pain. It is more than traditional rehab.

Mark S.

EDGE PT is simply the best! They addressed my chronic knee pain in record time.

Susan B.

The staff and facility are amazing!

Kay S.

Edge Physical Therapy was my saving grace after suffering two strokes. The consistently patient regime building strength and balance gave me back my life! I sincerely recommend the supportive staff at Edge.

Colin L.

Simply the best care in the Omaha area. Attention to detail and professional operations separate Edge Physical Therapy from the competitors.

Marian E-H.

The team at Edge Physical Therapy is amazing. I am very picky, and my Physical Therapist has exceeded my expectations in her care, patience, creative flexibility to fit the best exercise to what my body needs. I highly recommend Edge Physical Therapy.

Ryan C.

I have been through multiple sessions for both a knee injury and a back injury. I have been blessed to work with Mike both times, and he has gone above and beyond my expectations. From the start, he looks into not only the rehab, but also into the life changes that will help with pain and/or performance. He seems to truly care about my improvements and is always available for follow-up, even after our sessions are finished.

Hayden B.

Edge is definitely the place to go for your physical therapy.

Tom W.

Edge PT has provided me with an excellent physical therapy routine for core strengthening following back surgery for sciatic nerve injury. I had been seeing a PT who emphasized deep tissue massage coupled with a limited exercise regime. Edge is more focused on exercise routines that lead to core muscle strengthening. I was particularly motivated by Mike Bartel's attention to the form of my body to be certain the exercise activated the correct muscle group.

Have You Been Unable to Find the Relief You Want?

Many people have tried many forms of treatment in an attempt to find relief only to become frustrated by no improvement or partial improvement. The perception might be that they have tried everything and may have been told by other providers there’s nothing more to be done.

At EDGE, we welcome those frustrated individuals looking for help. Our unique PRI approach, which integrates body alignment with all body systems, is often the difference.  If you’ve tried physical therapy before, realize all PT is not the same.

Click on what’s ailing you and find out how we can help.

New Patient? We’ve Got You Covered.

How do I make an appointment?

Call us at 402-315-3603. Our receptionist will schedule a time that is convenient for you. You may email us at with any questions regarding scheduling.

Do I need to bring anything?

Click here for our registration form. You may fill this out before your arrival, if you like. We will need a copy of your insurance card upon arrival.

What should I wear?

Comfortable “gym” type clothing is preferred with athletic shoes.

Will my insurance be accepted?

We accept all major insurance plans including Medicare. Please call your insurance provider to verify network status and insurance coverage for physical therapy services. Cash based patients are accepted as well.

Get the Results You Deserve

Our friendly and experienced staff is dedicated to your success. If you’re looking to get an EDGE in your recovery, schedule an appointment today.