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Success Stories

Patrick R.
“Having been to other PT’s I must say that I was very impressed.  They go beyond the “text book” procedures; he did what he called postural restoration. His whole approach to my rehabilitation was quite impressive.  His “can do” attitude put me at ease. He seemed very confident that he could get me back to my training regiment.  And he was correct! The progress of the sessions coupled with the homework assignments, yielded rapid results.  I would, and do, highly recommend Edge PT for anyone in need of PT. Mike also made some adjustments to my bicycle which made my riding much more comfortable.” 
Becky H.
“At 39, following my knee surgery, I was sure all I could hope for was to walk without a limp again.  With the help of Mike, Beth, and the staff at Edge PT, ‘I’ve done so much better than that. I haven’t felt this good in years!  The supportive atmosphere made it a pleasure to work hard at my therapy appointments.  From reception to therapy, everyone knew my name within a few visits and greeted me as family each time. I wasn’t quite Norm on Cheers, but I did feel welcome and very comfortable at Edge. After my rehab I face another surgery on my other knee. I definitely know that I will be back to see the Bartels at Edge.”
“I wanted to send this note just to say thank you for the work you all did for me.  I came in with pain due to 5 year old quad tears and was told previously the I wouldn’t run again.  Well, thanks to Beth Bartels’ help, I ran a 20 min 5K.  Can’t express what that means to me.  Thank You!” 
Ken P., M.D.
“This letter is to acknowledge your excellence in the profession you practice. The exotic idea of the eye body connection demonstrated by you to my own body left me in awe! ….you make an excellent diagnostician.  I remain respectfully your patient.”
Mike M.
“I had been training and racing bicycles for 15 years when I started experiencing a sharp pain on the lower inside of my left knee. After seeing a highly reputed orthopedic surgeon many times (including arthroscopic surgery) we could not stop the pain when I would get back on the bike. I went to several physical therapists here in Colorado Springs and their traditional therapy made it worse. After dealing with this for over a year, I remembered Mike had opened a clinic back home. Things started to improve after my initial visit at Edge PT. Through the “postural restoration” therapy, we were able to get my hip and knee properly aligned and get back on track. Through many conversations, Mike was able to figure out the pain stemmed from adjustments that had been made in my riding position. I am back to training and hope to be racing again this coming spring. I have recommended many friends to Edge and all have had success after being treated there. The staff at Edge is professional and I always feel welcome there. Let the healing begin!”
Anne M.
“Beth and Lori, along with the rest of the Edge team, were very caring and encouraging throughout my recovery from knee surgery. From barely being able to bend my knee at the start of my therapy, they were instrumental in getting me back to riding my bike, my ultimate goal. They understood what I needed to keep motivated and tailored my therapy for my special needs. On top of that, they were all so friendly and seemed genuinely happy to see me walk through the door! Thanks Edge!!!”
Mike S.
“For over three years I had severe back pains that kept me from golfing and running. I was seeing a chiropractor 2-3 days a week. After each session I would have enough relief to golf 18 holes or run 6 miles but the pain would be back after the round of golf or short run. A friend suggested I visit Edge Physical therapy. Within three weeks the pain was gone for good and I no longer need to visit the chiropractor.”
Jane S.
“Edge Physical Therapy gave me my life back. Mike, Beth, and staff are excellent professionals, but also care about YOU! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
Ken P.
“I am very grateful my last therapist recommended you as his replacement after he left town. You immediately discovered the source of my ongoing problems and instituted appropriate home exercises to correct it. Even in your office during the first visit I began to notice the benefits, and they continue. I have and will continue to refer friends and acquaintances to physical therapists, like you, who practice postural restoration therapy. To me it has been an unalloyed godsend.”
Kathie R.
“I had a running injury that just would not go away. My Dr. suggested Edge Physical Therapy for the postural restoration. Did some research and it made sense to me. Had my first session with Mike and I knew I was finally headed in the right direction. After just a few sessions I was finding relief, something I had not felt in a long time. Mike understood that I wanted to return running and before I knew it I was. He always took the time to talk to me and the staff was always very friendly. I would recommend The Edge PT, Mike Bartels and his staff to help get your body back to working order.”
Evan D.
“I came to Edge PT following my third surgery for a dislocated kneecap. Working with Mike and Beth was awesome and they were always there to answer my questions even after I finished my therapy and because of them I was able to return to basketball better balanced and stronger than before. If you need physical therapy, I highly recommend Edge!”
Majken S.
“Mike and Beth, thank you so much for the exercises you suggested to help me manage through pregnancy back pain. They helped get us to the finish line! We are looking forward to lots of walks this spring. Thanks again.”
Tom G.
“I came to edge physical therapy with intense lower back pain along with pain in my legs. The friendly staff worked very diligently with me and now I am able to coach my daughter’s soccer team. Thanks to Edge physical therapy I feel like I have gotten part of my life back.”
Ina S.
“I was a non-believer in physical therapists. Recently, I had my second shoulder surgery. My recovery was not progressing with my usual at-home efforts. My surgeon was worried I would lose mobility if it was not corrected immediately. Knowing how I felt about physical therapists he referred me to Mike at Edge Physical Therapy in Papillion. One visit was all it took to restore my faith in the benefits of physical therapists.  Mike took the time to examine my structure to ensure maximum benefits from the exercises. Additionally, he took time out of every visit to stretch my frozen muscles in ways I could not. Within 4 weeks, my recovery is now ahead of schedule. I am back to enjoying my active life. Thank you Mike!”
Kaitlyn M.
“My knees feel fantastic! I feel fortunate to have found you. We think you are a Rock Star!”